Top Shelf Margarita Mix

Dr. Swami’s Anti-Insanity Tonic
Way beyond prozac, this is as good as it gets. A perfect balance between natural sugars and tree-ripened lemon & lime juices. Real grapefruit pulp has been masterfully blended to enhance the citrus flavors.

This top-shelf margarita mix is clean and refreshing with a made-from-scratch taste! No artificial flavors and no chemical aftertaste. Delicious enough to transport you to the Isle of Nectars.

Bartenders, restaurant owners and margarita aficionados have written with praise for our Margarita Mix. Its probably because we take the time to carefully blend real lemon and lime juices then add just a touch of grapefruit. No artificial flavors or enhancements here – just pure, from scratch, Top-Shelf Margarita Mix.

 Bloody Mary
Serve anything less and you will anger the natives.

Experience the rich, flavorful taste in this premium Bloody Mary Mix made with the finest, all natural ingredients. We blend the mix with top-quality ingredients such as fresh Horseradish, sun-ripened lemon juice, and the finest tomato puree and spices in the world.

Savor the thick texture and mild flavor or add your own heat. Excite the senses, cool your thirst, and enjoy truly unsurpassed quality in every sip.

Bone Daddy’s Bacon Mary, Garden Mary and even Bloody Mary Sorbet, we have fresh drink recipes for your next Bloody Mary party.

Sweet & Sour

Dr. Swami and Bone Daddy’s Sweet and Sour mix has a perfect ratio of sweet to sour, maintaining a transcendent balance of Yin and Yang in your glass. With this mix, you can make gourmet cocktails to enjoy and sip with reverence.

To make a great cocktail, you must use great ingredients. Our gourmet Sweet and Sour is made the old fashioned way, from scratch. We use only the finest sun-ripened lemon juice and all natural sugars. We then masterfully blend them to create a perfectly balanced, clean and refreshing taste. A great foundation for any cocktail. You won’t find any artificial or chemical taste in this product. Enjoy!

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